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LVS equipment inventory




1) Sony HVR V1U hi-def digital (1080p) with a 60mm wide-angle lens and 60 GB hard disk recorder, which allows for approximately 6 hours worth of hi-def recording.


2) Nikon DSLR (for 1080p “b-roll” footage)

3) GoPro Hero 5 Black - 4k HD video. Highly Portable and waterproof - great for high-quality outdoor "action" shots and acquiring drone footage


Tripod:  Manfrotto 351MVB2


Lighting:   Two 1250W Soft-box lights and three 10 x 6.5 ft. Backdrops (white, black, or green)


Audio: Sennheiser wireless mic system (lavalier mic) + camera-mounted shotgun mic


Editing software:  Adobe Premiere Pro



LVS performs all aspects of the videography and audio recording and editing, plus add additional media (e.g., photo scans, music, stock footage, or graphics).



Customers receive the final video on an SD card, dvd, or another storage medium of their choosing.

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