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Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Legacy Video Service produces high-quality, custom video memoirs, providing an enduring way to honor and commemorate the lives of loved ones. LVS videos become family heirlooms that connect generations by capturing a subject’s “story,” personality, demeanor, and personal values. Along with first-person interviews of the subject and his/her loved ones, we integrate music, client-supplied family movies and photographs to evoke a sense of place and time.


Legacy Video Service was founded on the belief that each of us has a story worth telling, and that our stories will live on long after we do. Our videos are designed to show “who” someone is by capturing “how” that person lived.


We know that it’s not always easy to look back on your life and identify the “story” thread that got you where you are today. That's where we come in! Our interview process is designed to get to the heart of your life story. An LVS interview elicits more than just a chronological re-telling of the events of your life. We find out how those events shaped your "inner life."

What’s your story? Let us help you tell it.

"Legacy is not leaving something for people,

it's leaving something in people."

–Peter Strople

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